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Spirit Of The Dove | Supporting Empowered Conscious Living
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Welcome to Spirit of the Dove and thank you for visiting!

This page is dedicated to personal empowerment and  transformation. Here you will find a variety of ways that we can work together to help you live a free, creative, healthy, joyous and abundant life. Whether you choose a complete lifestyle change or to add elements to support your wellbeing, you can find one-to-one sessions and courses that you can pick and choose  depending on your personal goals. You can book one-to-one appointments or check out the Events Calendar which is updated regularly with various activities, from healing courses to yoga workshops. You can also stay in touch by subscribing to the Newsletter or simply by sending an email with your questions. Also, if you like to host an event in your area. I look forward to meeting you. Enjoy the site!


Communicating with our inner voice and receiving guidance, is a source of healing, inspiration and great insights that come through and can help move mountains in our lives. Whether in doubt about which direction to take or wish for greater clarity in personal goals, relationships, or even opening up to an overall sense of wellbeing, an Intuitive Reading session can be just what you need to fill you up with the confidence to move forward.


Learn to facilitate yourself and others back to balance with professional training in Energy Healing, or become a skilled Intuitive Practitioner. Here you will find a variety of Courses that will teach you how to tap into the infinite Source of wisdom and healing to be a catalyst and facilitator for  personal transformation, inner balance and wellbeing.


In periods of difficulty and personal challenges, find the right support for you to deal with issues and create your personal route to healing and self-empowerement. A variety of treatments are available and can be tailor-made to your own needs to help you return to balance, experience comfort and ease in your life and even map a new way forward, designing the life you wish to live.


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