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Spirit Of The Dove | Ashtanga Yoga
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Ashtanga Yoga


Ashtanga Yoga was popularised and systematised in Mysore, South India by the late Shri K. Pattabhi Jois and his family. It is traditionally taught ‘Mysore-Style’ – essentially a supervised self-practice in a group setting, where each student moves through different portions of the Ashtanga sequences  at his or her own pace depending on their level.

The teacher is there to support the student in this process, providing selective hands-on adjustments, guidance as necessary. Students are taught new asanas in a sequential order, according to their level of competence, concentration and fluidity of breath and movement.

How can Ashtanga Yoga help you?

The synchronisation of breath and movement creates a high level of internal heat that produces a purification effect for your mind and body. With continuous practice the muscles and organs of your body detoxify. As this process gets deeper, the subtle (energy) bodies are also cleansed. As a result, you can experience greater levels of health and strength both physically and mentally, and greater levels of calmness, concentration and self-awareness.

The philosophy of Ashtanga Yoga lies on 10 key living principles called Yamas and Niyamas. These principles are concerned with how we use our energy as far as ourselves and others are concerned to help us progress on our personal evolution and spiritual path. Observing those principles in your daily life can give you a support system and a ‘check-point’ to remind you how to function better within the context of the whole, your community, friends, family group and the environment (union with others) as well as in relation to your own self (union with self).

For more info about the philosophy of Ashtanga Yoga you can have a look at HERE

Angelika and Ashtanga Yoga

Yoga came to Angelika’s life in 1999 as a response to long hours of work and general stiffness in the body. At the beginning a call for personal and reflective time which led progressively to an increased fascination with movement and mental, emotional and physical health. Having already started studying various healing techniques and metaphysical subjects, yoga naturally formed a firm foundation for further exploration of the spiritual endeavours.

After trying different styles of teaching, Angelika discovered Ashtanga Yoga in 2004. Loving the clear, consistent guidance and methodology behind this system, Angelika embraced Ashtanga Yoga wholeheartedly. It greatly supported her behavioural and healing studies and enhanced her understanding of the body-mind-spirit connection and the relationship to the inner self.

Angelika is an Authorised Level 2 teacher from the Sri K Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute (KPJAYI) in Mysore, India and an Advanced A Series practitioner. She completed a Yoga Alliance 200 hours Teacher Training in 2006 and further apprenticed with two amazing certified teachers for two and a half years and taught in London until she moved to India to continue her yoga studies at KPJAYI with Sharath Jois in 2011.

Classes and Workshops

Angelika currently teaches private Mysore-style classes in Mysore, India She also travels and conducts classes and workshops both in India and abroad. You can view her detailed schedule on the Calendar page.

If you are interested to host classes and workshops in your area please send an email to


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