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Spirit Of The Dove | Intuitive Guidance
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Intuitive Guidance

We offer a range of services to facilitate physical healing, psychological and emotional concerns as well as healing and support for personal development in all areas of your life. Beyond healing we offer intuitive guidance sessions for all the “hows and wheres” of life, giving you clarity, confidence and peace. Sessions can take place in person or online. To discuss your specific needs and the best way to help you achieve your goals please send an email to

Intuitive Readings

A very precise and direct way to bring about guidance and help you with your direction in your life. The format of each session is entirely dependent on your specific questions or concerns. You can have a general reading for clarity and insight focusing on specific periods of time in your life past, present or future. Or you can focus on other questions such as health, relationships, particular projects, soul purpose etc.

Meet Your Spirit Guides

Have you ever wondered about your spirit guide team? Did you ever want to meet them or talk to them?  Their job is to help you, support and protect you. Some of them are great teachers! Some are with you for life and some come at particular stages  when you need them the most. This is your spiritual family, your ‘entourage’ that exists in different dimentional reality parallel to yours.
During this hour long one-to-one session, you will start getting to know who your guides are and how they feel to you. This can give you better clarity about your life, your purpose and yourself. It facilitates a greater sense of connection and belonging from a much deeper level.
This type of session can also be the first step for you to explore your intuitive site and your psychic skills, if this is something that you feel drawn to. It is an introduction to Intuitive, Channelling or Healing Development.

Psychic & Intuitive Development Course

This is a 6 session one-to-one course. It is designed to harness your inner skills and strength to tune into the infinite intelligence of your high self/spirit guides and master teachers . It will teach you how to tap into this infinite intelligence to get a broader, clearer perspective to support yourself and others. This will help you and those that you facilitate to move forward in life in an inspired and more authentic way. To find out whether this course is for you and how it is structured, have a look at Courses


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