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Spirit Of The Dove | Life Alignment
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Life Alignment

Life Alignment is a powerful vibrational healing technique that addresses the person and their environment to bring about physical healing, resolve psychological and emotional issues as well as supporting personal and spiritual growth.  It identifies root causes and helps you shift major blocks related to physical illness, psychological suffering and disconnection from your life’s true purpose. It can instigate great change and help you release that which no longer serves you to create a life that really supports you and the people around you.
Life Alignment is also used for home or business. It addresses and brings balance and harmony to the physical space as well as our relationship with it and its external environment.
Sessions can take place in person or online. Below you will find different types of sessions you can have with Life Alignment that are tailored to specific needs. To discuss your goals and the best way to work together, please send an email to info@spiritofthedove.org

Body Or Life Alignment Personal Session

A very effective way to help shift blocks to your physical health or life as a whole. We will work together by priority to identify key blocks and negative programming associated with body points, related emotions and the story behind them. By understanding the story and bringing it to our consciousness we are able to process and shift it. Using energy balancing techniques and guided dialog, we will address the areas that require attention and thus move negative patters, energy blocks, toxins etc. We will address programming, belief systems and other limitations that do not serve. As a result you will gain expanded awareness and clarity to create a positive mind/body feed so that the energy that you need is present in your life and the body can heal.
This type of work has a deeply restorative effect. It can help a wide spectrum of conditions, including:
*Anxiety, stress, complex trauma
*Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
*Depression, loss of confidence and meaning
*Self limiting belief systems
*Learning Difficulties – dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADD, ADHD
*Protection from harmful environmental energies – electromagnetic radiation, geopathic stress, mobile phones etc.
*Hormonal and immune system imbalances – allergies, infections, chronic fatigue
*Skeletal and structural conditions and associated pain
*Discovering life purpose and direction

Life Map

Based on the Life Alignment method, this is a 3 session process where we focus on a specific issue or goal that you may have and look at it from all angles. We will look closely at the connecting factors that influence it and our attitudes. For example family, health, stuck energy, work etc. and what are the dynamics with the issue/goal that we have in mind. Each session takes approximately 90 minutes and builds upon the previous one. We will work together with deep emotional processing and energy work  to identify what works and what doesn’t work in order to unleash the energy that is needed to release the blocks, help your life move forward and support you to achieve your goals.

Home Alignment

This is a deeply transformative process that takes into consideration every aspect of your home or business. The space itself, the grounds, the energy of the building as well as yourself, other people you live/work with and the dynamics between you and the space.
It is a very clear step-by-step process by which we look at your floor plans and all those factors and we proceed with your intention in mind, to balance each of these aspects that may be causing an issue or a block to your home, business and wellbeing.
We will look and give treatments for root causes such geopathic stress, laylines, electromagnetic pollution etc.
We will also look at the inner and outer layout, the topography and landscape.
Also the human factor: the energy, dynamics and story of the people occupying the space and issues that are required to be balanced within the people involved.
By using an array of Life Alignment tools and techniques we will work together at creating a space that is harmonised, balanced and houses well your goals and dreams. Home Alignment brings in that added factor that creates harmony with your self and environment rather than swimming upstream. It can transform your home or workplace and have a positive effect on your health and relationships. It can also enhance the ‘value’ of a property when ready to be sold.


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