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5 days Special Ashtanga Mysore class – Cairo
Mar 25 @ 7:00 am – Mar 29 @ 9:30 am

Join us on these 5 days of Mysore classes with experienced, Asthanga yoga teacher and advanced practitioner, Angelika Anagnostou. This is an opportunity for anyone who wishes to refine and gain a deeper understanding of the practice as Angelika will be sharing her experience and insights. Over these sessions there will be time to discuss any issues related to the practice, and receive personal attention and help with injuries and how to prevent them. These classes are open to all Ashtanga Yoga practitioners, both beginners with prior knowledge of the practice and more experienced students.

1200 LE for all 5 days
Registration required. Please contact Mira at +20 122 275 8625 to book your place.

Yoga came to Angelika’s life in 1999 as a response to long hours of work and general stiffness in the body. At the beginning a call for personal and reflective time which led progressively to an increased fascination with movement and mental, emotional and physical health. Having already started studying various healing techniques and metaphysical subjects, yoga naturally formed a firm foundation for further exploration of the spiritual endeavours.
After trying different styles of teaching, Angelika discovered Ashtanga Yoga in 2004. Loving the clear, consistent guidance and methodology behind this system, she embraced Ashtanga Yoga wholeheartedly. It greatly supported her behavioural and healing studies and enhanced her understanding of the body-mind-spirit connection and the relationship to the inner self.
Angelika believes in the healing and regenerating qualities of yoga and the adaptability of the practice to support the individual daily needs and phases of life. She is an Authorised Level 2 teacher from the Sri K Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute (KPJAYI) in Mysore, India and an Advanced A Series practitioner. She completed a Yoga Alliance 200 hours Teacher Training and a Foundation course with the British Wheel of Yoga. She further apprenticed and taught extensively in London until she moved to India to continue her yoga studies in 2011.
Furthermore, Angelika is a qualified Life Alignment Practitioner and Intuitive counsellor . She runs retreats and Sacred Journeys focusing on deepening our connection to our true essence and embodying our life purpose as well as specialised programmes combining yoga and Life Alignment techniques to awaken our unique regeneration abilities and enhance natural healing and rejuvenation. More about Angelika’s work at www.spiritofthedove.org

Majestic Egypt – The Awakened Self
Apr 1 @ 12:00 pm – Apr 12 @ 11:30 pm

We cordially invite you to join us on an extraordinary 12-day journey through Egypt! 

A hugely transformational experience in the magical land of Egypt. A point on earth that is so vibrant and alive, enigmatic and full of history and powerful energy. A journey through time and dimensions that will enhance your inner connectedness with the balancing techniques of YOGA and LIFE ALIGNMENT, so that you may thoroughly re-discover your god-like self, in this ancient land. 

This is a trip of self-discovery, to uncover and align to true self and life purpose, creating a space of openness and sharing. During this trip you will be able to understand and expand your unique spiritual awareness to come into harmony with your soul’s divine timing, aligning with cosmic consciousness to fulfil your true purpose.

We will explore ancient Temples and Pyramids and Sacred Sites along the Nile River, to help us understand our origins, to integrate deep healing and to activate our unlimited potential related to our true nature.

During our 12 day journey we will start each day with silent meditation & yoga, then there will be personal, group and space healing events every day, supporting our own expansion, and since we affect our environment, the energetic expansion of the World that we all live in.

ASWAN: 3 Days – Movenpick Resort
The trip begins in the City of Aswan. Over our first three days of our Egyptian exploration, we will visit the island temple of Isis and do a welcoming water ceremony with the magnificent Nile river. We will use Life Alignment balances to help gather our group and personal intentions for the journey ahead. Woven into these first dreamy three days will be morning Yoga, incredible sceneries and delicious meals, plus a felucca ride as well as swimming in the Ancient Nile river.

LUXOR: 4 days – Jolie Ville Hotel On the way to Luxor, we will visit Edfu temple and Kom Ombo, then during our 4 day stay in Luxor we will explore the Temple of Luxor, the Valley of the Kings, Karnak Temple and meditate in the Sahara desert, all the while using our tools to unblock, support and realign ourselves and the areas that we visit.

CAIRO: 5 Days – Sofitel Hotel
We fly to Cairo for the last part of our voyage. We will roam in the night market of Khan el-Khalili and visit the famous Cairo museum. Then during our stay in Cairo we will visit an active Archaeological dig on the Giza plateau! The famous Step Pyramid at Saqqara as well as the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid. Ending our incredible stay in Cairo with a day at the Spa and a final closing Ceremony, welcoming and integrating all our incredible inner aspects and new visions, as we prepare to return home.

Angelika Anagnostou: Life Alignment Practitioner, Yoga teacher.
Tanya Harris: Life Alignment Practitioner and Teacher.
Jason Harris: Life Alignment Practitioner and Teacher.
Ahmad Al Mozamel: Egyptologist and Tour Guide at the sacred sites.

This event is being hosted by Angelika, Tanya & Jason, who are all Light Workers, and practice Healing and Energy Medicine. They will be working with an Energy Healing technique called Life Alignment, to facilitate deep transformational processes using Vortex cards. Angelika will be teaching Yoga and breathwork (pranayama) class in the mornings to prepare the body to integrate gently the new frequencies and deep transformative energies we will be receiving.

We are pleased to have with us Ahmad Al Mozamel, Egyptian Archaeologist with a wealth of knowledge about the sites we will visit. He will be our Tour Guide for the entire 12 days, and will happily share his knowledge of this beautiful Ancient land.

Angelika, Tanya & Jason throughout the 12 days, between voyages of exploration & adventure, will facilitate deep group healing sessions using an amazing Healing Modality called Life Alignment.
With the Life Alignment Procedures and tools, they will help the group to Clear Karma, Release Soul Implants, facilitate DNA Activations, Ray Activations and Ascension Processes at particular places and times during the Journey. For more info on Life Alignment, please have a look at www.life-alignmment.com
Gentle Yoga and Breath Work will support the body through this intense period of energy healing, to help integrate the changes with ease and grace.

DATES: 1st to 12th April 2018

PRICE: Early bird 2500 USD – Per Person for bookings received by 15 February 2018. $2750 thereafter

This Tour Includes:
All Accommodation (Dbl room) in three luxury Hotels as well as Breakfast. Also includes entrance to all Sites and Tour Guides, all transport within Egypt incl Domestic flight from Luxor to Cairo

Arrival Flights to Aswan and Departure Flights from Cairo back home. Travel and Medical Insurance/inoculations will be for your own expense. Also excludes lunches and dinners and Spa treatments.

For more information about your Guides and a detailed Itinerary, please contact:
Angelika: info@spiritofthedove.org
Tanya: radiantlifecentre@gmail.com

Breathe – Stretch – Regenerate – Align
Jul 15 @ 10:00 am – Jul 21 @ 11:00 pm



A Yoga and Life Alignment Retreat in Greece to deeply regenerate and realign your mind and body

A unique combination of the Life Alignment emotional release and balancing processes with Yoga, meditation and breath work will allow us to clear, reset and regenerate for a happier, healthier, more grounded and balanced self. Give your body and mind the opportunity for a fresh start!

Join two long-time experienced facilitators of Life Alignment and Yoga, Tanya Harris and Angelika Anagnostou, for a seven-day soul nourishing mind and body retreat that enhances you physically, mentally and emotionally. The healing beauty of the surrounding Greek land and sea, gorgeous vegetarian cuisine, as well as relaxing and swimming in the most beautiful nearby beaches will round off your experience.

For the Body

• Each day we will start with yoga to re-energise and connect to our bodies. 
• We offer Ashtanga Mysore practice for established practitioners, as well as a guided, softer yoga class for beginners or Ashtanga practitioners that would like to take a break from their regular practice.

For the Heart and Soul

• We will use the powerful Life Alignment emotional release method, in order to activate deep body and soul re-calibration. This deep processing work will help you resolve and release old negative patterns, giving you an opportunity to rewrite your story and change emotional reactions to your health, body and nutrition that do not serve you. You will feel lighter, happier and more energised.

• We will rediscover the preciousness of our own body, life and soul. Come to understand the relationship of our thoughts and beliefs and how they affect our health and body. We will look at what we say to ourselves, what we believe about our bodies, restructuring our thoughts and belief systems for optimal health and regeneration.

• The program also includes to look at nutritional balance and ‘gut-intelligence’ for optimal health and wellbeing. Our objective is to unlock our ability to fully receive the nourishment that the universe has to offer and learn how to better take care of our bodies and personal wellbeing as an act of self-love.

For the Mind 

• We will practice guided breath work (pranayama) and meditation, complementing the daily Yoga practice.

• Both meditation and breath work calm and de-stress our systems, while promoting clarity, centeredness and deep rest. They support us greatly in reaching an optimal state of mind for the Life Alignment work.

For the senses 

• Gorgeous vegetarian and vegan cuisine cooked with love and care by the Zen Rocks team will nourish our bodies throughout the week.

• Afternoon swims in the beautiful, pristine Greek waters nourish, balance and support us.

• Two warm, most attentive teachers and lovely staff will look after you during your stay, make you feel at home and taken care of.



Life Alignment Practitioner, Yoga teacher, intuitive and healer.

Angelika is a qualified Life Alignment practitioner and Spiritual Response therapist. Magnified Healer and teacher and Angelic Reiki Master. She furthermore specialises in Psychic and Intuitive Development having established her own system of teaching through years of client work and self-study. Angelika has been practicing yoga since 1999 and Ashtanga Yoga since 2004. She focuses on the healing and regenerating qualities of yoga and believes the adaptability of the practice to support the individual daily needs and phases of life. Life Alignment is for her a life changing modality that brought together and took to the next level all of healing techniques she had studied so far. It is a platform for deep personal transformation and self-realisation, that puts the person back in the driving seat and in charge of their lives.

She is an Authorised Level 2 Ashtanga Yoga teacher by the Shri K. Pattabhi Jois Institute and currently lives in Mysore, India most of the year. She conducts workshops and one-to-one sessions all over the world in person and online.

“Angelika has helped me tremendously. Personally, to ground myself in a more loving way. Professionally, to believe in myself and communicate more clearly from my heart. She has this beautiful ability to truly see who you are, and it has been very opening for me to have this outside person reflect me back to me. I have felt respected and honestly guided”


Life Alignment Practitioner and Teacher.

Everything we need to heal, is within us. Our Higher Self knows the stories we hold in our subconscious library, where they are buried in our body and when we are ready to let them go. Tanya helps you to tap into this higher consciousness and identify and shift the root cause of blockages in your life, to uplift and restore a positive energy flow.
Tanya is an Advanced Life Alignment Practitioner & Teacher from the beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa and has been practicing and facilitating many workshops, groups and courses in the area of personal growth and self awareness since 2003. Her wisdom and understanding is a culmination of many years of study and practice. Her approach is warm and empathic, full of enthusiasm – you realize that your “problem” is actually a blessing.

“The workshop I attended with Tanya, was uplifting, inspiring and empowering. It was a warm happy welcoming space that I felt privileged to have been part of. The deep sensitivity and compassion I experienced at the workshop, felt like a homecoming and I feel taller, stronger and more alive than ever, after the experience – I really do feel and even look lighter (in the face) hmm maybe body too. I look forward to future workshops!”


€1400 in double deluxe room
€1330 in triple deluxe room 
€1190 in 4 bed dorm style room

This Includes:

7 Nights Accommodation
Brunches and dinners, fruit, filtered water, coffee/tea
6 yoga, meditation and pranayama, sessions
Life Alignment balances and group work


Arrival Flights and Departure Flights
Transportation to and from Athens or Kalamata airport
Travel insurance
Transport to nearby beaches at €10 per round trip per day
Transportation to and from Athens or Kalamata Airport (please enquire if you need this to be arranged for you)
Transport to and from the beach 10€ round trip per day.
Travel and Medical Insurance

For more info and to book, please contact:

Angelika – info@spiritofthedove.org
Tanya – radiantlifecentre@gmail.com


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