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Majestic Egypt – Magnificent You
Sep 16 – Sep 28 all-day

M18121132_1308975175824516_1760623964554489002_oajestic Egypt – Magnificent You
a Spiritual Journey of Discovery
16 to 28 September 2017 (12 nights)

Get Ready for an extraordinary healing adventure through Ancient Egypt, to connect to your sacred roots & knowledge by travelling through inspirational places belonging to one of the first human civilisations on this Planet.

We will be going on a journey of a life time to help us understand our origins, to integrate deep healing and to activate our unlimited potential related to our true nature.
We will start the days with silent meditation and yoga. Then we will visit and get inspiration from sacred sites along the Nile River. These places will become integral tools for our healing and awakening work as we continue our expedition deeper into our spirits.

During our 12 day journey there will be personal, group and space healing events every day, supporting our own expansion, and since we affect our environment, the energetic expansion of the World that we all live in.

LUXOR: 4 Days – Sat 16th to Tues 19th – Hotel Maritime Jolie
The trip begins in the City of Luxor. Over our first four days of our Egyptian exploration, we will visit the temple of Luxor as well as the ancient city of Abydos, where we will walk amongst buildings and Temples that are thousands of years old. Then onto the Temple complex at Dendera, the Temple of Hatshepsut, the Valley of the Kings, as well as the Temple of Karnak where we will also enjoy the evening sound and light show.

ASWAN: 4 Days – Wed 20th to Sat 23rd – Hotel Movenpick
Next stop, Aswan! We will travel there overland by private coach. On our way, we will stop at the temple of Edfu dedicated to Horus/Apollo and then onto the temple of Kom Ombo. Our journey to Aswan will bring us to witness nobility, protection, awe, and our greatest fears. Powerful opposites within us all.
Once in Aswan, we will spend the next 4 days living on an island. We will sail down the Nile in a Felluca and enjoy lunch on board the boat. We will do a water ceremony, swim in the Nile at the Nubian Beach and explore the botanical gardens. We will visit the Island Temple of Isis, the divine mother and wife, who is deeply connected with the Moon, Healing and Love. Here we will connect with its fabled beauty and serenity.

CAIRO: 4 Days – Sun 24th to Thurs 28th – Hotel Mena House
We fly to Cairo for the last part of our voyage. For the next four days, we will be living at the doorstep of the Great Pyramid.
There is a lot to see and do for us in Cairo. So at first we will take it easy, prepare and regroup. We will have the option to see the pyramid at Saqqara and the mighty red pyramid at Dahshur. Visit the night market of Khan el-Khalili or have some time to explore Cairo on your own. On the third day we will visit the Giza plateau together, holding a Ceremony to connect with all the places we have activated on the path of our odyssey.
Then on the fourth day we will allow ourselves to contract a little, as we breathe through the experiences of our sacred journey of discovery. There will be a gentle, but wondrous option of going to the Cairo museum and in the evening we will have dinner together and a closing off ceremony.

Angelika Anagnostou: Life Alignment Practitioner, Yoga teacher, intuitive and healer.
Tanya Harris: Life Alignment Practitioner and Life Alignment Teacher.
Jason Harris: Life Alignment Practitioner and Life Alignment teacher.
Ahmad Al Mozamel: Egyptologist and Tour Guide at the sacred sites.

This event is being hosted by Angelika, Tanya & Jason, who are all Light Workers, and practice Healing and Energy Medicine.
We are pleased to have with us Ahmad Al Mozamel, Egyptian Archaeologist with a wealth of knowledge about the sites we will visit. He will be our Tour Guide for the entire 12 days, and will happily share his knowledge of this Ancient land.
Angelika, Tanya & Jason throughout the 12 days, between voyages of exploration & adventure, will facilitate deep group healing sessions using an amazing Healing Modality called Life Alignment.
With the Life Alignment Procedures and tools, they will help the group to Clear Karma, Release Soul Implants, facilitate DNA Activations, Ray Activations and Ascension Processes at particular places and times during the Journey. Yoga and breath work will support the body through this intense period of energy work to help integrate the changes with ease and grace.

PRICE: 2900 USD Early Bird Special – Per Person
This Tour Includes:
All Accommodation (Dbl room), Breakfast, lunch on the felucca in Aswan. Also includes entrance to all Sites and Tour Guides, all transport within Egypt incl Domestic flight from Aswan to Egypt.

Arrival Flights to Luxor and Departure Flights from Cairo back home. Travel and Medical Insurance/inoculations will be for your own expense. Also excludes lunches and dinners.

Early Bird Special: $2900 – book by 31st May with 50% Deposit
and Balance due by 15 August.

Late Bookings: $3200 – book and pay 50% Deposit by 30th June
and Balance due by 15 August.

For more information about your Guides and a detailed Itinerary, please contact:
Angelika: info@spiritofthedove.org
Tanya: radiantlifecentre@gmail.com


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