Angelika Anagnostou


  • Life Alignment
  • Intuitive Reading/Guidance

I am a firm believer that ANYTHING can be healed. If we are truly willing and ready! That we are here to manifest the life of our dreams by becoming more conscious where we direct and invest our energy in. Like you, I am a creator of my own reality. I don’t take no or it is not possible for an answer as we can all manifest our best potential.

I work with LIFE ALIGNMENT and INTUITIVE GUIDANCE. It truly works and brings dynamic results – fast. I left conventional Greek education at the age of 16 three months into my eleventh year of school to join a more open-minded approach to learning I needed at the time. Everyone said no, you are too far behind but I made it. I proved I could do it and achieved top marks in my year. As I directed my focus on what I really wanted, other situations in life occurred that taught me that the only one that can actually truly know where the boat needs to be steered is oneself. WE ARE the captain of the boat and we can choose to flow with ease. And if we get out of our own way and listen to our true inner voice, not the fears, not the reactions but our inner truth, everything in the universe seeks to assist us to embody our greatest purpose and happiness in life.II do what comes naturally to me and following my inner voice I have developed my skills through years of studying alternative/vibrational healing techniques yoga and metaphysics to help you shine. I am here for you to remember YOUR BRILLIANCE. Each one of you is unique! Brilliance is not exclusive to me. We are all diamonds. Thank you for trusting me to guide you!


Life Alignment

A very effective way to help shift blocks to your physical health or life as a whole. We will work together by priority to identify key blocks and negative programming associated with body points, related emotions and the story behind them. By understanding the story and bringing it to our consciousness we are able to process and shift it. Using energy balancing techniques and guided dialog, we will address the areas that require attention and thus move negative patters, energy blocks, toxins etc. We will address programming, belief systems and other limitations that do not serve. As a result you will gain expanded awareness and clarity to create a positive mind/body feed so that the energy that you need is present in your life and the body can heal.

This type of work has a deeply restorative effect. It can help with a wide spectrum of conditions, including:

  • Anxiety, stress, complex trauma
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Depression, loss of confidence and meaning
  • Self limiting belief systems
  • Learning Difficulties – dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADD, ADHD
  • Protection from harmful environmental energies – electromagnetic radiation, geopathic stress, mobile phones etc.
  • Hormonal and immune system imbalances – allergies, infections, chronic fatigue
  • Skeletal and structural conditions and associated pain
  • Discovering life purpose and direction

Life Alignment is used also for Manifestation work, Home and business and family harmonisation.


Intuitive Readings

A very precise and direct way to bring about guidance and help you with your direction in your life. The format of each session is entirely dependent on your specific questions or concerns. You can have a general reading for clarity and insight focusing on specific periods of time in your life past, present or future. Or you can focus on other questions such as health, relationships, particular projects, soul purpose etc.

I will be available both on Monday and Tuesday for a limited amount if intuitive readings and one-to-one Life Alignment sessions.