Natalia Fernandes

Natalia first started in the Shamanism in 2015 following the guidance of her teacher -Thomas Heller, and making her first journey into the “non-ordinary” worlds. Fascinated by it, she deepening her Shamanic Practice by the teachings of Sandra Ingerman and started to make daily journeys for

Passionate about helping people heal their past and present traumas and connecting them with nature, Natalia has been performing Shamanic Journeys for others into the “non-ordinary” reality for the last couple of years.

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is the earliest spiritual practice known to humankind, it has been around for tens of thousands of years. The fact that the practice has survived and thrived so long, speaks to the potency of the work.

The word “shaman” means spiritual healer in Siberian, but the Shamanism has also been practiced in parts of Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, and America (North and South) throughout history. The practice of shamanic journeying helps us to part the veils between the seen and unseen worlds and access information and energies that can help awaken us and restore us to wholeness.

What to expect from a Shamanic Journey?

The shamanic journey is a practice common to all indigenous societies throughout history. By listening to a drumbeat or other rhythmic percussion, the shaman enters “non-ordinary” reality-an altered state of consciousness beyond time and space- to access spiritual guidance and healing, assist others and the planet, and reconnect with the cycles of nature. Many shamanic traditions believe that the non-ordinary reality is divided into three worlds: the Lower World, the Upper World and the Middle World.

Previous to the shamanic journey, Natalia will work with you on the intention of the journey so it is well defined. She will them access one of the three worlds to connect with the spirits and/or energies, and find the answer or message for your intention. She will then shared them with you and see if there need to be additional work done on the intention.

The journeys can take from 15 to 30 minutes, and during them you need to lay down and relax your mind so the work can be done. After the journey you should drink lots of water to help the energy flow correctly.

What intentions can you set for a journey?

The intention you set for a journey is everything, with a good input there is a good output. The intention may vary from things your are struggling in a particular moment in your live, to letting people close to you that has passed go, getting help to accomplished a new project or goal, finding
a lifetime partner or a new career path.


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