Partha Vaidya

I’m an apprentice Life Alignment practitioner, and a master’s student in psychology. I got into alternative medicine due to a personal journey of healing ADHD, anxiety, and severe myofascial pain. I find myself to be quite sensitive to emotional states and adept at intuiting a therapeutic process. The combination of my natural ability and my studies in psychology, Life Alignment and Buddha-dharma and philosophy gives me a meaningful arsenal of tools to assist with mental and emotional difficulties. I currently specialise in Life Alignment work up to its second module, through which I can help you work through physical, mental and spiritual challenges.. As a musician in the Indian classical tradition, I am currently also learning to use music for therapeutic purposes, with the intent of adding it to my toolki



For those who would like their sessions to be in another language, I am fluent in English and Hindi, and conversant in Kannada and Telugu.


I look forward to assisting you, and I hope the entire strata of the things I have learned can help you with what you are facing! 

I am available remotely or in person in Mysore. Please contact me via Instagram or email for further information.